We are a familiar company, was born in march 2005 engaged to the production of organic blueberries, develop our productive system in a efficient way, in armory with the nature and the Mapuche’s social environment culture in the Coñaripe place; with a deep convincing to the urgent necessity to protect the nature and understand the importance of blueberries production to generate health and work. Denoting experience and commitment and constructive self- criticism, personal excellent team work and the innovation capacity to adapt to future market challenges productive fruit-season.

Since 2010 we began to learn and apply biodynamic farming techniques in our blueberry crops. Achieving our first Demeter certification in 2017.

Currently 25 hectares are cultivated in the Coñaripe locality, region de los Rios, Chile. Inserts in a pristinely environment, integral organic production system is performed in high density. Is distinguish by own singular characteristic, like Insect pollination and native birds, various biological corridors, nesting sites for wild birds, naturally pest control, selected music and Feng shui for more welfare and happiness of the plants and workers.



Since we are a familiar company, every one of us plays a fundamental role for the growth of our business

Roberto Adolfo Martini Becerra, Elizabeth J. Torres I., Karin Martini C.
Jaime Antonio Guerrero Contreras, Emma Bensh T., Diego Guerrero R., Felipe Guerrero R., Vicente Guerrero B.
Patricio Enrique Martini Becerra, Leticia E. Cruz Gallardo, Jonathan P Martini R., Javiera A. Martini C., Catterina B. Martini C., Patricio E. Martini C.